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Traffic jam is a difficult problem in HCMC now . Many of the measures proposed to solve the traffic jam situation, the concerned authorities coordinate closely together to get the status balanced transportation best for City.
Traffic jam in rush hours has been increasingly heated, especially in recent times , not only does the city has traffic jam in rush hours but also in the normal hours because of  repairing many roads. It is also causing problems on the comment recently.

 Students is lated in  the school by traffic jam and cultivate one's personal influence.In addition traffic jam  brings about serious consequences  such as: pollute for air, pollute noisy and get a bad influence for heathy’s students.Almost all student usually to get  traffic jam in moring when they go to shool.Depend on a place and at time but  traffic jam can  extend  about one hour but many the street can extend about to two hour to three hour.

   We are going to clim into roadside(le duong) when meet traffic jam or to elbow others out in a crowd(chen lan noi dong nguoi) to escape traffic jam. Some people to wait for until not traffic jam.Therefore, traffic jam is uncomfortabled by them.


  Several place usually to traffic jam such as: CMT8 street , Hai Ba Trung, Nguyen thi minh khai and so on in HCM city. Many reasons to

make traffic jam become popular such as: Many motocycle, many car,(to) fix bridge, many bus…

Besides the reasons causing the recent  traffic jam as repairing roads; traffic accidents, vehicle death machine fails, a power cut , water flooded are the reasons also.  In addition, the amount of motorcycles registere up to now relatively more (than 3 million motorcycles, 316,000 automobile), while infrastructure development is not timely.

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