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History is the study of past historical events, accounts, and other important underpinnings that compromise our understanding of the past. History covers many different topics often times segmented by geographical location. This includes: American History, World History, Ancient History etc. These topics all encompass various parts of human history. We here at Cyber Essays have you covered for any type of History that you are looking to study.

  • Argentina

    Argentina is located in South America and the capital is Buenos Aires. When I was in Argentina I visited Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Mendoza. When I went to...

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  • Aristogoras

    Aristagoras played an incredibly significant role in the Ionian revolt. Through his original participation in the Persian’s attempt to conquer Naxos and the differing...

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  • Aritcle

    In the San Francisco Chronicle on January 29, 2009 in the article “New bid to crack down on S.F brothels, Robert Selna reports that Carmen Chu, a San Francisco supervisor...

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  • Arizona Court System

    Court Systems within Arizona Municipal The Municipal courts deals with all items that are misdemeanors and carry a penalty of up to six months in jail or a five hundred...

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  • Arnold Gessel Biography

    Arnold Gesell was born in Alma, Wisconsin on June 21, 1880. His father was a photographer and his mother a teacher. He was the eldest of five children. He had two...

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  • Art Analysis of Ishtar Gate

    The Ishtar Gate is one of the greatest treasures of the Neo-Babylonian and Persian period. It was built during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar II around 575BCE. The gate...

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  • Art History

    Imagine a world where a child was not able to play video games. Imagine a world with no buildings to accommodate many businesses. Imagine a world where there were no...

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  • Articles of Confederation

    The Crisis on the Slavery in the Americas Millions of African Americans Under Slavery Stop this Madness Now Ever since the Native Americans, which were used as workers...

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  • Asking for a Loan

    To Whom It May Concern, Hello my name is Grant Baker and I am writing this letter in order to request a loan for $20,000 to go to the opening of my new restaurant...

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  • Assess the Impact of Stalinism

    “Assess the impact of Stalinism on soviet society in the period to 1941” By Sinisa Alavanja – Modern History 2013 The impact of Stalinism on soviet society was...

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  • Assess the Role Played by Spartan Women Within Their Society

    . Women of Sparta were aware of their role in society in regards to staying healthy and fit to produce healthy...

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  • Assess the Success of Augustus as a General and a Politician During This Period

    . (2007) Many consider Augustus to be Rome's greatest emperor; his policies extended the...

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  • Assess the View That Cromwell Was Principally to Blame for the Parliamentary Difficulties in the 1650s.

    Assess the view that Cromwell was principally to blame for the parliamentary difficulties in the 1650s. For this view of Cromwell being the principal blame...

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  • Assessment Essay Questions

    ATS 1325: INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 1 ASSIGNMENT 1 (1,000 words) Due date: Thursday 28 March 2013 before 5pm ENCYCLOPAEDIA ENTRY FOR TWENTIETH CENTURY EVENT Select TWO...

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  • Assignment 1

    Assignment 01 Cleopatra Compare the portrayal of Cleopatra in the 1963 film with representations of her in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century as...

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  • Assignment Vietnam War

    Assignment Vietnam War Michelle Caudillo HIS/135 July 17, 2011 Mona Rocha During the Vietnam War there was a draft called the Selective Service System. When men...

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  • Atlantic Ocean Ccot

    The Atlantic World had many economic and social changes and continuities as a result of Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas interacting from 1492 through 1750. The...

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  • Atomic Bomb

    Damages of the Atomic Bombs On August 6th the world was changed forever. 70,000 lives were ended in a matter of seconds. The United States had dropped an atomic bomb on...

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  • Attack of the Bastille

    What was the basis for the attack on the Bastille? The main reason to storm the Bastille was because it was storing a large amount of weapons and the people of Paris wanted...

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  • Attacks on the Jews

    There were a variety of reasons behind the attacks on the Jews during the Angevin Period. These stemmed from the hatreds held or perpetuated by...

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