Marketing Plan (Digi Telecommunication)

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Marketing Plan (Digi Telecommunication)


Figure 1.1 Digi Corporate Structure 8
Figure 1.2 DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd - Coverage Map 10
Figure 2.1 Sources of value in global telecommunication, 2002-2012 20
Figure 2.2 Mobile Market Penetration Rate in Malaysia (%) 24
Figure 2.3 Mobile Penetration Asia 26
Figure 2.4 A Resource-Based Model of Sustainable Competitive Advantage 29
Figure 3.1 Summary of academic construct framework 45
Figure 4.1 Digi Customer Service Ambition 50
Figure   4.2 Porter’s 5 Forces 76
Figure   4.3 Revenue Growth Chart 82
Figure   4.4 Net Profit Margin Chart 84
Figure   4.5 Earning per Share Chart 87


Table 4.1 Internal Factor Evaluation(IFE) of DiGi 48
Table 4.2 SWOT Analysis For DiGi 57
Table 4.3 Competitive SWOT Analysis 59
Table 4.4 Foreign Ownership in the Malaysian Mobile Phone Sector , 2007 62
Table 4.5 Number of broadband subscriber   in Malaysia 64
Table 4.6 Penetration rate for cellular phone in Malaysia 65
Table 4.7 Population age distribution trends for 2002-2008 69
Table 4.8 2008 Electricity Consumption VS CO2 Emissions 70
Table 4.9 TOWS Matrix of Digi 72
Table 4.10 Summary of Alternatives Strategies 75
Table 4.11 Summary of Evaluation of External Forces to telecommunication Industry. 81
Table 4.12 Revenue Growth Performance for DIGI (2006 -2008) 82
Table 4.13 Net Profit Margin of Digi (year 2006-2008) 84
Table 4.14 Earnings per Share 86
Table 4.15 Comparison of Telco Performance Second Quarter 2009 89


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We extend our deepest love and gratitude to our family members and closets friends for their understanding and endless love through out the duration of our studies.

We are grateful and would like to express out utmost gratitude to our supervisor, Assoc. Prof Dr Rosmimah Mohd Roslin for her critical comments,...
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