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Why I Chose Country Lovers
Shiann Allshouse
ENG 125: Introduction to Literature
Carla McGill
January 6, 2013

Why I Chose Country Lovers

After reading the different works of literary from this weeks reading, the one I found to be the most interesting is the story of a forbidden love on a South African farm. The way that the author, Nadine Gordimer, words her story is amazing. The story begins by describing the love between two people of different races. As the story goes on, the woman gives birth to a baby. Her husband sees that the baby is of lighter skin. After a visit from the father of the baby, the baby ends up dead due to being poisoned. He gets found not guilty.

The infant was asleep; she revealed the closed, pale, plump tiny face, with a bubble of spit at the corner of the mouth, the spidery pink hands stirring. She took off the woollen cap and the straight fine hair flew up after it in static electricity, showing gilded strands here and there. He said nothing. (Country Lovers, Nadine Gordimer) This part of the story is when the husband sees the baby for the first time. The husband tells her to get rid of the baby. When the father of the baby visits, he walks in the house and stays for a minute. He walks back out of the house. The wife thinks the baby slept through the night when in fact the baby was dead.
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